Critical events are currently threatening global peace and security.

As a member of the United Nations, in accordance with international law, the Constitutive Act of the African Union and in line with the African Union Leaders’ declaration of February 24th 2022, Madagascar calls for the respect of the principle of sovereignty and territorial integrity of all sovereign States.

Madagascar favors, in all circumstances, peaceful ways and means to resolve any dispute, in keeping with our tradition of non-alignment and in respect of our ancestral value of "Fihavanana", so that the Indian Ocean zone remains a zone of peace and stability.

In view of the current situation, Madagascar expresses its extreme concern regarding civilian population and indicates its solidarity with the victims and their relatives, the displaced persons including African nationals, and our Malagasy compatriots. Our thoughts go out to them at this difficult time.

We call on all parties to avoid taking irreversible decisions that could lead to further loss of life and immeasurable humanitarian consequences.

Madagascar also expresses its deep concern about the consequences of this conflict on the global economy already weakened by the health crisis.

Madagascar is already facing many challenges: the fight against poverty, the development of the country, the fight against drought and famine, now combined with resilience and reconstruction efforts following cyclical natural disasters. Moreover, our country has neither the means nor the power to get involved in the conflict.

In the current context, we urge the resumption of peaceful negotiations through diplomatic channels and the cessation of the use of arms and force. We believe that it is never too late to restore peace.

We welcome all diplomatic efforts and initiatives aimed at maintaining a constructive dialogue and conciliatory relations between all parties directly concerned, which can lead to a peaceful, rapid and lasting resolution to this conflict.

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