1. An ORIGINAL PASSPORT or a PASS valid for a minimum of six (6) months from the scheduled date of departure from Madagascar (passport copies not accepted)

2. An Application Form to be completed in both sides and signed by the applicant

3. One recent and identical Canadian passport format photos (less than three months) in clear and plain background.

4. A copy of the passport or pass

5. A copy of the return ticket.

6. A copy of the yellow fever immunization (required from any visitors who have stayed in an infested country during the last six months).

7. The visa fee:

- A single entry visa fee for a stay of less than or equal to 30 days: CAD $ 27.00 per person  (starting January 1st 2023);

- A single entry visa fee for a stay longer than 30 days and not more than 60 days : CAD $ 33.50 per person; (starting January 1st 2023);

- A single entry visa fee for a stay longer than 60 days and not more than 90 days: CAD $ 47.00 per person; (starting January 1st 2023);

- A multiple entries visa fee:   CAD $ 47.00   per person. (starting January 1st 2023);

A visa fee payment may be made by cash, by money order or certified check payable to the EMBASSY OF MADAGASCAR TO CANADA.

8. The return of the passport to the applicant:

by registered COURIER ONLY, is payable by the applicant (postage prepaid)


· The Embassy reserves the right to request additional supporting documents

· It is important to keep, at all times, all the original documents that can be requested at the entrance to Madagascar

· For minors: a parental consent (signed by both parents) or an authorization of a guardian signed by a notary is required;

· For Refugees: A refugee travel document (a model of the 1951 Geneva Convention), even if they are holders of a permanent resident card. Consider two months for the processing of files.

• The issued visa can be used within six (06) months from the date of issue.

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