- One (01) reasoned request to HE Ambassador of the Republic of Madagascar to Canada or a DIPLOMATIC NOTE from the Organization to which belongs the applicant;

- Two (02) copies of the application form, duly completed and signed by the applicant (same signature as in the passport);

- Two (02) recent passport photos (standard size), photocopy or scanned photos are not accepted;

- One (01) photocopy of an airline return-ticket or a detailed booking flights certificate issued by a travel agency;

- One (01) pass or passport valid for at least 06 months;

- One (01) copy of the passport or pass;

- A Mission Order issued by the Competent Authority of the sending country or the parent organization;

- For NGOs and associations serving in Madagascar, also provide a copy of the applicable agreement or a similar document (A Headquarters Agreement or its renewal, a partnership agreement, a memorandum ...), signed with the Competent Malagasy Authorities.

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A VISA FOR A STAY OF MORE THAN 90 DAYS (A LONG-STAY VISA) IS PROCESSED IN TWO STEPS. The first step is the issuance by the embassy of a ONE MONTH extendable and transformable IN A LONG-STAY VISA. It is for an initial period of ONE MONTH only and is labeled "extendable and transformable". This one...
1. An ORIGINAL PASSPORT or a PASS valid for a minimum of six (6) months from the scheduled date of departure from Madagascar (passport copies not accepted) 2. An Application Form to be completed in both sides and signed by the applicant (in duplicate) 3. Two recent and identical Canadian...