1.The application for a laissez-passer must be justified: only urgent cases and any unexpected event that does not allow time to apply for a new passport are taken into consideration.
2.An urgent case may be a definitive return to Madagascar for nationals whose residence permit has expired and whose regularization procedures have proved unsuccessful;
3.An unexpected event may be the death or illness of a near relative.
4.The application for a laissez-passer is only allowed for the Malagasy without any other nationality.
5.The application must be made one week before the date of departure.
6.The pass is issued on a case-by-case basis, in strictly exceptional circumstances and is delivered the day before the departure date.

Required documents :

- A handwritten letter of request for a laisser-passer addressed to the Ambassador, dated and signed

- A photocopy of identification.

- A photocopy of the airline ticket

- A photocopy of a proof of residence in Canada.

- 2 passport photos.

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